If you asked Tony why people always give sativa strains a bad rap, he would tell you it’s because they never smoked a good, well-grown sativa.

If you asked a bunch of growers why there isn’t a lot of good sativa out there, they would tell you that it’s because most growers don’t want to put the time and effort — but mainly time — into growing a good sativa strain. They would be right.

Sativas are hard to grow, they take longer than indica dominant strains, and a lot of the time due to how its grown commercially, is lower quality than their hybrid counterparts. But those who do put in the effort reap the rewards. A well-grown and cared for sativa will taste great and provide an uplifting, euphoric effect that anybody who knows a good sativa will crave. Luckily, Tony and the gang know a good sativa.

Sativa or indica, it’s about knowledge

It all comes back to knowledge and educating people about what they are are consuming. Much like beer, liquor or wine, cannabis has a variety of different strains, characteristics, flavors and effects. It can also be grown with the utmost care, or none at all.

Some people will always go for the cheap domestic beer or the convenience store wine because they don’t mind sacrificing quality to save money. Others will always want the best, and only drink craft beer and fancy wine to fill their appetite. It’s all preference.

Suffice to say as the industry spreads, a lot of people will prefer cheap cannabis. Those coming from a black market especially, where prices are often steep, the option to get a $10 eighth or $70 ounce will always be enticing. Sure, they could splurge and go for the quality cannabis for $200 an ounce, but with such a vast difference in price for the same amount, many will at least try the cheaper option.

This will change. Everybody has their honeymoon phase with legal cannabis. There are so many options at such affordable prices, its almost impossible not to buy a bunch of different cheap strains to see how they smoke. But over time, people will start to try the more expensive stuff, and the difference will be instant. Once someone tries well-grown, quality cannabis, it’s hard to go back.

In this week’s episode of Tony Don’t Smoke OG, Chip and Tony are joined by Colin from The Werc Shop, a research group that focuses on the science of cannabis and all its chemicals, especially terpenes. If you’ve ever enjoyed a flavored cannabis vape pen, you have Colin to thank!

Join the gang as they smoke on some Big Sur Holy Weed and talk changing tastes in the cannabis consumer, why sativas get such a bad rap, and more. Tune in and enjoy!

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