Elite strains; elusive, secretive, top quality, and the subject of multiple songs. These exclusive strains are passed between the hands of few growers, but you’ve probably heard of most of them.

With the explosion of the legal cannabis market now spreading to nine states, suffice to say there has been an influx of marijuana products. While this can be good for several reasons, the main one being the lowering of prices due to supply, it also brings the risk of lower quality product, usually in the form of commercial cannabis.

Elite Strains Difference

Compared to the private market, these commercial strains have strong appeal for their price and what’s known as “bag appeal”, which means it looks good when its sitting on the dispensary shelf. That isn’t saying much though.

There are still those dedicated to the craft of growing top quality cannabis, with a distinct effort put into quality without the sole focus of growing as much as possible that commercial grows have. These “elite” strains are highly sought after by those who want to grow the best of the best, and don’t care about pumping out the pounds.

However, these strains are not easy to come by unless one looks in the right circles, or knows the right people. The difference between an elite strain and those of commercial grows is mainly that of exclusivity and genetic superiority.

Elusive and unique

As cannabis spread from California to Holland, to Colorado and other regions, strains have been cross-bred, manipulated, and repeatedly changed to find the best combination of flavor and effect. However, you can still hear whispers about the elite strains like cookies, skittlez, glue and others that you might also hear about in rap songs, but haven’t been able to get your hands on.

Elite strains can come and go, as hearing about a strain in a song or seeing it spread across Instagram will pump up its popularity until something else comes along. The eliteness of a strain can also have nothing to do with the strain itself, but the grower’s technique that makes it superior.

There’s a reason every dispensary tries to have an elite strain. The name alone boosts credit and sales, but actually having an elite strain on hand sets a grower or distributor apart from the competition that just uses the name. But be prepared to pay top dollar if an elite strain is on your to-smoke list.

Learn how some of the most elite strains in the world are cloned and cultivated from Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery. Kevin sits down with Chip on The Real Dirt Podcast to talk about his work, passion, and the future of the cannabis industry in California.

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