Seed breeding is a job few take on. It takes a lot of patience and skill to hunt phenotypes, but also some luck.

You can plant 100 seeds and get 99 males, or you can plant 5 seeds and get 5 females. That’s the thing about seed breeding. There’s a lot left up to chance.

Seed breeding

Seed breeding itself is simple enough. You get your seeds, you plant them and monitor them, eventually you start to notice the sex of your plants, and you get rid of the males to ensure your females don’t pollinate, but instead flower. As simple as it sounds, it gets more complicated when you’re breeding for specific profiles.

You can plant a bunch of seeds that come out female, but the genetics of those seeds just might not be up to par. Some will take those matured plants and cross them with another to try to find the qualities the grower wants. Others get everything they want in the first try, and that’s just lucky.

Luck or skill?

In this week’s installment of Tony Don’t Smoke OG, the gang smokes on some OG and Cookies while they talk about their struggles with breeding. Purple Trainwreck is one of the favorite strains of the Tony Don’t Smoke crew, and all of them have tried breeding it themselves.

While they eventually got the right qualities, somebody else had already beat them to the punch, with just a couple seeds. It just goes to show you can be the most skilled breeder in the world, but it just takes a little bit of luck to strike gold.

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