Where has Legal Marijuana Landed Colorado?

Where has Legal Marijuana Landed Colorado?

His journey with cannabis started like a lot of others; he moved to Denver in 2012 during the heat of the Amendment 64 movement looking for any way he could get involved. After finding a job with a Colorado public interest research group that had him signing students up for photo ID on college campuses, Andrew realized it wasn’t the job for him.

Andrew ended up leaving his first job after a couple of months, and joined Students for Sensible Drug Policy where he would work on the legalization campaign.

“I worked on that campaign, it was awesome, and that’s how I got to know Josh and Mason and Brian Vicente and Christian as well who was keeping the law firm afloat at that time”

Through his work on the Amendment 64 campaign, Andrew met Christian and Brian of Vicente Sederberg LLC. With his work in public policy, specifically related to cannabis, it was a match made in cannabis heaven. Andrew’s policy experience and love of numbers led to multiple job opportunities with the firm, eventually resulting in a full time position.

After the passing of Amendment 64, Andrew’s work increased. With a regulated system that could actually be tracked, more statistics than ever before began to mount. More people were willing to admit to their cannabis use, which revealed new and changing trends.

“The ball is not going to roll down the hill by itself. Even though we think it is, we’re going to have to keep pushing it. There’s friction.”

Despite the vast changes and awesome advances the industry has seen, it is always fighting. With only a few states having full legalization, the rest of the country is watching those states with a microscope. As more states recognize the monetary and societal benefits of legalization they may move to do the same. When that happens, differing laws may arise, to different effects.

Listen to Andrew share his story about the legalization movement and where the future of the industry lies on his episode of The Real Dirt Podcast!

Navigating Marijuana Laws with Christian Sederberg

Navigating Marijuana Laws with Christian Sederberg

Times have changed. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for cannabis related legal services, only now the focus is on keeping businesses compliant, not keeping them out of jail. The legal cannabis landscape is ever-shifting, which may leave cannabusiness owners holding the bag, so to speak.

Sudden changes in compliance and regulation can be overlooked or misinterpreted if reading legal jargon isn’t your thing. This is where the need for legal consultation in the cannabis industry arises. You can guarantee that the current compliance landscape is wrought with pitfalls.

You can also guarantee that if you are engaged in a business that deals with a federally illegal substance, you are going to need a lawyer who understands how to navigate through the complexities of the system. This has created an overwhelming demand for qualified legal professionals who not only understand the cannabis industry, but are on top of the ever-shifting stream of regulation.

Vicente Sederberg, The Marijuana Law Firm

One Denver based marijuana law firm specializing in cannabis services has already doubled in size and is looking to expand into California’s newly legalized market. Vicente Sederberg LLC, dubbed The Marijuana Law-Firm by Rolling Stonehas expanded into the former offices of the Marijuana Enforcement Division on Sherman Street.

The cannabis law firm’s expansion, however, won’t stop there. Sederberg is opening a satellite office in Los Angeles. California’s medical marijuana market rakes in more money than Colorado’s entire medical and recreational sales combined. With California recreational cannabis now legal, firms like Sederberg’s may find greater demand for their services outside of Colorado.

According to Brian Vicente of Vicente Sederberg, there are only around 40-50 attorneys in the US who specialize in cannabis with a few hundred that mix cannabis with more mainstream companies. “For years this was viewed as a real taboo area for lawyers to go into. But in the last year or so, the public has realized that marijuana reform is going to spread and spread, and as a result, attorneys are taking a closer look at this, “ Vicente stated to Marijuana Business Magazine. “There’s just going to be more work for attorneys in this space over time. I think we’ll see higher-caliber lawyers getting into this.”

The future needs of cannabis legal services

Cannabis businesses don’t only need lawyers to help them jump through regulatory hoops. As innovation continues, there is a distinct need for lawyers to assist with trademarking, patents and intellectual property. Now that companies have begun to patent cannabis plants and formulas to make them, there will be a virtually unlimited demand for lawyers on both sides of that fight. Another area that will show a spike in demand is that of mergers. As the industry grows, corporate buyouts and mergers will become common place as the industry consolidates. This opens up an entirely new field in the world of cannabis business law.

If you want to get insider industry information about marijuana law, compliance and Section 280E, then you need to listen to The Real Dirt podcast episode with Christian Sederberg of Vicente Sederberg, LLC.

Mary Jane Digitized: Is I Heart Jane the Amazon of Cannabis?

Mary Jane Digitized: Is I Heart Jane the Amazon of Cannabis?

There are currently a handful of websites and services that may give cannabis consumers live updated menus for dispensaries, operating hours, and even directions.

However a revolutionary new platform is changing the way cannabis lovers search for cannabis and interact with retailers.

Mary Jane, Digitized

I Heart Jane is like the Amazon of weed. When you go on Amazon to buy something, you know what you want; you search for it in the search bar, and it shows you how many sellers have that item, and the price for that item. I Heart Jane has applied this ease of search to cannabis.

Unlike other sites that just tell you about certain strains or where to find your closest dispensary, I Heart Jane connects the user with the dispensary directly from the comfort of a phone or laptop. It’s as simple as typing in what you want.

More than just strains and descriptions

Looking for a OG Kush or maybe something a little more exotic, like Do-si-Dos? Simply type it in the search bar, and I Heart Jane will show you every dispensary in your area that carries it. Not just that, Jane will show you the price difference from each dispensary so you can pick the best price.

With a couple more clicks, you can place a pick-up order with the dispensary of your choice, and they will hold your purchase for you until you arrive. If you live in California, I Heart Jane makes cannabis delivery services a breeze. Just search for what you want, Jane will show you which delivery services offer that product, and you can place an order within minutes.


Looking for recreational concentrates within a 5 mile radius? Jane has you covered.

A Boutique Business Booster

However while similar to Amazon in how it functions, I Heart Jane is much different in that it actively makes an effort to support small businesses. Since the cannabis industry is mainly built on small businesses, this makes I Heart Jane an incredibly consumer and business friendly service.

Instead of businesses having to create their own websites with ecommerce, they can simply use I Heart Jane as a mediator between themselves and the consumer, taking out all of the hassle of managing an online store. For a dispensary that is busy enough with daily customers and keeping the shelves stocked, I Heart Jane can be a game changer.

Next time you’re craving some dank bud you haven’t been able to find, search for it on I Heart Jane. And tune in to Socrates Rosenfeld, founder of I Heart Jane on The Real Dirt Podcast Season 2 Episode 4!

I Heart Jane: The Amazon of Cannabis

I Heart Jane: The Amazon of Cannabis

I Heart Jane is a revolutionary new cannabis marketplace where consumers can search for specific cannabis products and get local results within seconds. Whether it’s terpene hunting for the perfect taste or finding the best deal on that edible you want, I Heat Jane gives you control over what you want, and how much you want to pay. It’s a Mary Jane revolution.

“When the team and I are were looking at building this a couple years ago we were asking ourselves, how do we shop online for everything other than cannabis?”

One of Socrate’s teammates was in the process of looking for a new bike helmet on Amazon, when the idea struck. When we shop for everything online, we type it in a search bar and get dozens of results from different sellers, at different prices. Apply that same online shopping experience to cannabis, and you get I Heart Jane. Now, finding that sweet Mary Jane is as easy as a couple clicks.

“I’ve never run a brick and mortar dispensary, but I’ve worked in retail before and it’s tough.”

In order to make their online marketplace as easy to use for both consumers and dispensary owners, I Heart Jane makes an effort to make joining their marketplace as simple as possible. With their platform’s technology, dispensaries can update their menu daily or weekly, and Jane handles the rest.

I Heart Jane integrates in real time to the point of sale systems of cannabis businesses, giving them access to inventory and pricing, enabling the platform to act as a turnkey digital storefront that connects the products on their shelves with customers in real time looking for those products in their local area.

“How we explain it to our dispensary partners is, the hard part is getting the customer to know that you have that product.”

Dispensaries no longer need to worry about making sure their customers know every new strain they are dropping each week or what they have in stock. As long as they work with I Heart Jane, their products will always be up to date and available to anybody searching for them. As for how I Heart Jane helps the consumer, it’s as simple as searching for what you want.

Looking for that next-level craft cannabis? Simply type in the strain or product you are looking for, and Jane will show you every dispensary in the area that carries it. Have to wait until after work, but want to ensure it isn’t all gone before you can get there? You can set a specific pick-up time with the dispensary you choose and they will hold it for you until you arrive.

All it takes is one visit to I Heart Jane to see how simple it really is. What we are looking at with I Heart Jane is a revolutionary marketplace that will change the way we find and buy weed. It is Mary Jane, digitized. The Amazon of Weed.

Hear all about Socrate’s cannabis industry experience and entrepreneurial knowledge on this week’s episode of The Real Dirt Podcast!



What are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes?

Have you ever picked up some cannabis fresh from the dispensary, crack the jar open and get smacked with a strong berry smell?


Maybe it smelled like fuel instead; or flowers. These smells and the effects associated with them all come from terpenes. But what exactly are terpenes and why are they so important?

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant oils that are secreted by the resin glands in the cannabis plant, just like THC and CBD. At least eighty different terpenes have been found and analyzed in cannabis. Each terpene has its own unique smell, flavor and affect.

While it may be near impossible to accurately describe every terpene, here are some of the more common terpenes you may smell or taste in your next cannabis purchase.


If you’ve ever heard that eating a mango before smoking will make you higher, myrcene is why. Mangos have the same terpene, myrcene, as cannabis, and ingesting more of the terpene may or may not enhance the specific terpene’s effects. There is no empirical evidence supporting this claim, unfortunately.

Myrcene will usually give off an herbal and citrusy smell, and has been known to produce more relaxing and sedative effects. The myrcene terpene can also act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. Strains with noticeable myrcene terpenes include Blue Dream and Grandaddy Purple.


For the untrained nose, a lot of cannabis will smell like a pine tree or a dense forest. An experienced cannabis consumer will recognize these features as signatures of the terpene pinene.

With a smell similar to a pine tree or sage, the effects of pinene can impact memory retention and alertness. Strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush have pinene in their terpene profiles, and this specific terpene has shown to aid in treatment of inflammation and even asthma.


Similar to myrcene, limonene is recognized by its strong citrus and lemon scents, without the herbal notes that are found in myrcene. Strains like Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze are known to contain this lemon-citrus terpene.

Limonene has acted as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety strain, and some claim its effects are uplifting while relieving stress. If the next strain you pick up smells like the rind of an orange or lemon, you most likely have limonene in your bud.

Really into terpenes? You can become a certified “interpener” with Max Montrose’s Interpening course at the Trichome Institute and analyze every terpene so you can tell exactly what strain you have, even if the name doesn’t match up.

Learn more about Interpening and Max Montrose’s history with cannabis on The Real Dirt Podcast.

Interpreting Terpenes and Marijuana Strains

Interpreting Terpenes and Marijuana Strains

The cannabis industry is an industry of marijuana strains. Some wild marijuana strains fill the shelves of dispensaries in legal and medical states, but the names attached to them don’t actually tell the consumer anything about it. That is why Max Montrose started the Trichome Institute, and invented ‘interpening’ to analyze terpenes and their affects within cannabis, and how it can be used to truly understand marijuana strains.

Max has created a method for analyzing cannabis through what he calls interpening. Simply put, interpening is the interpretation of terpenes. For the uninformed, terpenes are the oils secreted from the cannabis(Link to terpene article)plant which give it specific smells, flavors and effects.

Take Blue Dream for example. One of the most popular marijuana strains out there today, almost every dispensary will carry Blue Dream on their shelves. The Trichome Institute decided to do some market research on this strain to see how authentic it really was. After getting six different grams of Blue Dream marijuana strains, Max and his team found great differences between every Blue Dream they had, from potency, to flavor, to effects. Four of the six strains weren’t even good enough quality so consume.

“Here’s what’s true. A lot of people also don’t care. A lot of people don’t give a shit, and that’s okay.”

Just like people are ok with drinking cheap, low-alcohol content domestic beer, people are ok with smoking low-quality, less potent, but mainly cheaper, marijuana strains. However beer has much stricter standards to ensure the same product every time, meaning cannabis has more risks to not knowing what’s in it, or if it is even the strain that was advertised.

Interpening Terpenes

However this will all be changing in the future as more people learn to analyze their cannabis to ensure its quality. With help from the Trichome Institute and their interpening courses, more and more people will be able to judge quality themselves, instead of just taking the budtender’s word for it.

“We’re the only company that has put together a standard operating procedure for what is cannabis flower quality and how to measure it objectively.”

From our understanding of indica and sativa marijuana strains and what they really mean to analyzing whether these titles even mean anything, Max goes in depth about misconceptions about cannabis and how we can inform the public to create a more knowledgeable consumer market.

Learn all about interpening, the Trichome Institute and the future of strain names on the newest episode of The Real Dirt with Chip Baker!


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