Harvesting Cannabis: Harvest Special Pt. 1

Harvesting Cannabis: Harvest Special Pt. 1

It’s that time. The time all growers anticipate. Harvest season is here, and it’s time to get ready! The Real Dirt knows all too well what goes into a successful harvest, and when it comes to harvesting cannabis, The Real Dirt knows best.

Chip has personally helped hundreds of growers across the country manage their grows and harvests, and he’s the go to source for any grower serious about harvesting cannabis. You might still be in the tail-end of flower, but it’s never too early to get prepared for harvest.

Harvesting cannabis

If you aren’t prepared when the time to harvest comes around, you’re going to be in trouble. Using the same gunked up scissors from last harvest is a rookie mistake, but one that even an experienced grower may forget. After all, when you’re in the garden twelve hours a day, there isn’t much time to run to the store.

Because of this, many growers who have large quantities, especially commercial growers, will enlist the help of for-hire trimmers. This can be very helpful, but only if you vet your candidates well.

Trim migration

In places like Northern California where millions of pounds of cannabis are grown, hiring trimmers is a necessity. However, the population in Northern California is pretty small, so most of the trimmers are outsourced.

The great migration of trimmers starts at the beginning of harvest season, as thousands of people migrate to these areas to look for trim jobs. While there may be plenty of applicants, they aren’t all going to do good work.

You’ll get the lazy stoners that just want to get baked and work slow, other will try to steal your cannabis on the side, and more. That’s why it is so important to know your trimmers, and keep an eye on them.

Chip has seen them all, and in the first episode of The Real Dirt Harvest Specials, he talks trim tips, and the business of trimming. Hear the full episode here, or listen on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

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