Grow Management and Lambs Bread

Grow Management and Lambs Bread

Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 104

Roll it up, ya’ll! Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 4 brings Chip and Tony together once more with their secret guest I225. The gang smokes on some Cookies in this one as they talk grow management and how to organize a cannabis business.

From constantly inspecting your environment to getting down into the dirt, managing a grow is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, growing a couple dozen plants with a couple hands on deck is manageable, but once you start growing your scale, it only gets more difficult.

Chip, Tony and I225 have decades of grow management experience between them, and share their knowledge and tips to boost productivity and reduce oversight. But it ain’t all about the technical stuff!

Cookies is one of the most popular elite strains in the cannabis industry today, with new crosses coming out left and right. The gang talks strain popularity, and what makes a strain so popular in the first place. Plus, we get to hear where the original Lambs Bread strain came from, and how Tony managed to get an original cut back in the day.

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