Talking Trees Farms is a sustainably focused brand that produces single source cannabis and cannabis products from their farms in Humboldt County, CA .

Talking Trees cultivates Humboldt cannabis using only organic methods and inputs and never uses chemical pesticides. They guarantee clean, safe cannabis. The farms grow using mostly rain catchment stored water and permitted wells; not draining any water from natural streams, creeks or rivers.

With sustainability, environmental accountability and quality in mind, Talking Trees produces some of the finest organic Humboldt cannabis in the state. While he still has his skate and lifestyle brand known as the Satori Movement, Craig also owns Satori Wellness, a medical and recreational dispensary in McKinleyville, CA.

In this week’s episode of The Real Dirt, Chip and Craig talk about the old days in Humboldt, how things are changing in California with the new laws, and where Craig sees the industry going in a few years. Listen now!

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