Fletcher Watson

Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank was founded by “ThaDocta”, an established breeder and ever active online community member. The Archive was ThaDocta’s effort to establish heirloom strains of land-race cannabis plants and seed-lines with verified-original genetics. These strains were originally distributed through a private network of chosen friends, breeders and growers who were trusted to keep alive his tradition of genetic preservation and to preserve these historic lines. After spending a decade growing marijuana and performing clone-only comparative analysis to provide verification of genetic authenticity ThaDocta has opened up the Archive to growers around the world and SeedSupreme Seed Bank can now offer regular cannabis seeds from a selection of his strains.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip Baker blazes with Fletcher Watson from Archive Seed Bank and Dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Fletcher is first and foremost a cannabis grower extraordinaire, but he is deeply passionate about preserving heritage cannabis genetics, which led him to create Archive Seed Bank. Listen in as Chip and Fletcher discuss the road to Archive Seeds and Dispensary, and all things weed! Light one up and get dirty with The Real Dirt.