For Adrian Zelski, cannabis is a spiritual guide. It has helped him overcome alcoholism, excel as the front man of a successful band and land a successful career in the emerging hemp industry. Adrian is probably most commonly known for being the front man for the Athens, Georgia based band, Dubconscious. But, in addition to being a talented musician and cannabis connoisseur, Adrian is the Director of Operations for the brand new International Hemp Exchange aka iHEMPx. iHEMPx is based in Boulder, Colorado and is kind of a big deal for many reasons. It’s one of the first online portals that connects buyers and sellers of all things hemp. Think Etsy or Ebay, but with hemp. IHEMPx has both a retail and wholesale component and is growing quickly in popularity and with the media. But many people don’t fully understand the difference between hemp and cannabis that gets you high. Find out if the hemp industry is as lucrative as you think it is and what the future of hemp has in store on this episode of The Real Dirt with Chip Baker.

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This podcast is brought to you by Cutting Edge Solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John, the founder of Cutting Edge Solutions for over 25 years. He’s an expert horticulturalist and a great guy all around. I truly stand behind his products as a grower and as a wholesaler and retailer.  As a grower, you know when a nutrient line has been developed from extensive research at real farms throughout Northern California.

This podcast is also brought to you by Cultivate Colorado. Cultivate is one of the largest indoor horticultural suppliers in Colorado with two stores in the Denver Metro Area and free delivery from the Front Range to Pueblo. They are the place that commercial and personal growers go to for a wide variety of high quality soil, lights, hydroponics and expertise. They have everything you need to grow your dreams and cultivate your legend.

This podcast is also brought to you by Growers. Growers is a Colorado owned and operated soil and nutrient company, established in 2015. After 15+ years of experience as growers, they know how to make a consistent and effective line of soils and nutrients in an environmentally conscious way.

Show Notes

  • Adrian describes what the International Hemp Exchange is (02:00)
  • Adrian & Chip discuss the difference between marijuana & hemp. (02:50)
  • How the War on Drugs changed how industrial hemp was perceived by the public (04:36)
  • The complexities and multiple uses of hemp (05:32)
  • The federal regulations on hemp CBD & THC (06:17)
  • The benefits of full spectrum cannabinoid use (08:43)
  • How international hemp exchange works (10:00)
  • The difference between distillate & isolate CBD (11:41)
  • Colorado’s place in producing CBD (14:10)
  • The differences between industrial hemp & CBD hemp (14:56)
  • Piloting the growth of industrial hemp seeds in the US (16:18)
  • Different techniques for industrial hemp & CBD hemp growing (16:48)
  • On the importance of documenting hemp growing techniques, consumption, uses, etc. (19:23)
  • How The Emperor Wears No Clothes changed Chip Baker’s life (20:15)
  • What kind of money can be made from hemp – the hemp marketplace isn’t stable yet (22:33)
  • What Adrian does at IHempX (24:00)
  • Why Adrian thinks growing tons of flower is the golden ticket (25:20)
  • Chip & Adrian’s opinion about the recent DEA initiative about making CBD a Schedule 1 drug  (27:11)
  • Why “Hemp is beyond reproach” is one of Adrian’s favorite things to say (29:31)
  • How Adrian’s events give a platform to music & cannabis companies (31:18)
  • Why Adrian thinks The Cannabist saved The Denver Post (33:01)
  • 420 events in Denver for 2017 – what’s 420 On the Block? An expo meets a concert, meets a party, meets a cannabus scene. (34:02)
  • If you’re getting into hemp, you’ve got to attend the NoCo Hemp Expo – biggest hemp expo in the country on March 31st & April 1st (38:30)
  • Listen to Adrian’s weed story (39:49)