It seemingly came out of nowhere. It’s origin is shrouded in mystery. Trainwreck is a legendary, elite strain that any cannabis connoisseur will recognize when they hear the name.

The heavy-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid blew up when it came around, with growers and consumers alike loving its energetic effects that came from it’s Mexican and Thai sativa heritage. The Afghan cross adds a little indica to the mix, making Trainwreck an ideal strain for the active consumer.

But where did it come from?

The mystery remains. But there are theories. And boy, do Chip and Tony have a few.

Listen to this week’s Real Dirt segment of Tony Don’t Smoke OG. Chip and Tony are joined from Dan of Humboldt Integrated Cannabis as they puff on some Trainwreck, talk about some hilarious stoner stories, and ponder the origins of the legendary strain.

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