2017 was an intense year for cannabis. Thousands of people moved out of the private market and into the regulated industry. Thousands more moved across the country to work in the new booming industry. 28 states now have cannabis decriminalized in some form, whether medicinally or recreationally.

2018 has already been an intense year. Jeff Sessions repealed the Cole Memo, and we still don’t know what could happen. More people than ever before are on board with legal cannabis at the federal, and more politicians are starting to listen to the people.

In this two-part episode series, Chip talks with all his cannabis industry insiders on the state of the cannabis union. Matt Bickel of Bickel Consulting, Fletcher Watson of Archive seedbank, and many more weigh in on the current state of things and where they see the industry going.

Don’t miss this episode of The Real Dirt with Chip Baker and catch part two next week!