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ListenThe State of the Cannabis Union Pt 2

The State of the Cannabis Union Pt 2

In Part 2 of the State of the Cannabis Union, Chip talks with Matt Bickel, and calls up some friends from the private market on the east coast to get the latest on the whole cannabis industry.

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american cannabis

ListenState of the Cannabis Union

State of the Cannabis Union

2017 was an intense year for cannabis with 2018 showing no signs of slowing down. Chip calls his friends all over the country to get their take on the state of the Cannabis Union in this week's epi...

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Marijuana festival in humboldt county with steve gieder

ListenHumboldt Cannabis and Forfeiture

Humboldt Cannabis and Forfeiture

John Newmerzhycky, known as Newmer in his circles, is an incredible cannabis cultivator in Humboldt, with incredible stories to tell. From Humboldt cannabis to one of the biggest civil forfeiture c...

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growing cannabis and cannabis consulting with matt bickel

ListenFrom Growing Cannabis to Cannabis Consulting

From Growing Cannabis to Cannabis Consulting

Matt is the founder of Bickel Consulting and oversees cultivation facilities in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Maryland, and Colorado. He was the Chief Operating Officer and Master C...

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cannabis seeds genetics with mr soul

ListenCannabis Seeds Genetics with Mr Soul

Cannabis Seeds Genetics with Mr Soul

While studying Nuclear Engineering at a college in Upstate NY, Mr. Soul also learned to grow marijuana in a spare room of my apartment. After sending a letter to the Super Sativa Seed Club in Amste...

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how to grow weed better and grow more with josh haupt three a light

ListenHow to Grow Weed Better with Josh Haupt

How to Grow Weed Better with Josh Haupt

Josh Haupt literally wrote the book when it comes to how to grow weed better, and how to get more cannabis from just one light. His experience is sought after by growers nation-wide, and Chip gets ...

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steve gieder cannifest 420 festival

ListenCannifest 2018: The green 420 festival

Cannifest 2018: The green 420 festival

Chip chats with Steve Gieder, organizer of Cannifest, a 420 festival that encompasses both earth day and 4/20 in one big, fun green week festival full of panels, games and the best growers in Humbo...

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