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growth management and lambs bread strain history

ListenGrow Management and Lambs Bread

Grow Management and Lambs Bread

Managing a grow operation only gets more difficult as it grows. But with a proper grow management system it can all run smoothly. Chip, Tony and secret guest I225 talk about managing a grow while t...

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cannabis tests are holding up legalization in california

ListenCannabis Tests: fact or faux?

Cannabis Tests: fact or faux?

Tony Don't Smoke OG Ep. 3! Chip and Tony talk the myths about white ash and if it really has anything to do with quality and if cannabis testing is all bullshit.

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where did the strain trainwreck come from?

ListenThe Origin of Trainwreck: Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 102

The Origin of Trainwreck: Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 102

Trainwreck. It hits like a freight train and leaves you wanting more afterward. But where did this elite strain get its start, and why is it so damn good? Hear Chip, Tony and Dan from Humboldt Inte...

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humboldt cannabis growers are in for a battle in California

ListenHumboldt Cannabis in a Crunch

Humboldt Cannabis in a Crunch

Northern California produces some of the finest cannabis in the world. But what makes Humboldt cannabis different isn't just the quality, but its story. Hang out with Chip on his Humboldt beach as ...

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breeding feminized seeds in Humboldt

ListenCSI Humboldt: Breeding top shelf feminized seeds

CSI Humboldt: Breeding top shelf feminized seeds

CSI Humboldt is sought after for it's elite seed inventory and feminized seed bank. But how did CSI get it's start? What made its founder quite comic books to pursue cannabis? Find out in this epis...

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tony don't smoke og podcast episode 1

ListenTony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 101

Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 101

Indulge in a little bit of weed snobbery with Chip and Tony in a new Real Dirt installment, Tony Don't Smoke OG! These short, sweet and to the joint episodes are perfect for your morning coffee and...

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good weed strain reviews

Listen60 Nuggets Explained: how to know your cannabis

60 Nuggets Explained: how to know your cannabis

All cannabis is not created equal. The Real Dirt found this out after we hosted the Cultivate Showdown in which the top growers from across the country came to showcase their best flower. There was...

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