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Sean Holmes Nectar Sunglasses

ListenHow Nectar got into the Cannabis Industry

How Nectar got into the Cannabis Industry

In 2010, Sean moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work with a successful entrepreneur and learn the hacks of the business world. He and his friend then launched an online fitness program that "failed mise...

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Greg Gamet, cannabis cultivaiton

ListenPioneering the Legal Cannabis Industry

Pioneering the Legal Cannabis Industry

In 2008, Greg Gamet was a landscaper with dreams to grow medical cannabis and $1500 to start do it. He went to Cultivate Colorado to buy a grow tent, a 3x3 tray and "something to grow hydro." He ta...

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Joel Payne Earl's Leadville

ListenHow To Create a Simple, Sustainable Grow


How To Create a Simple, Sustainable Grow

Joel Payne is a co-owner of Earl's Dispensary in Leadville, Colorado. One of the things that Joel has become known for is being a grower who focuses on growing high quality weed, organic, do-it-you...

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Dave Malon, Chip Baker, Doug Marvin

ListenThe Evolution of Cannabis Cultivation

The Evolution of Cannabis Cultivation

“You can only polish a turd so much. It's poop in, it's poop out, and that's kind of a general rule of thumb, and inside joke of all hash makers. It comes down to the product that you're extracting...

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ListenHow To Grow 3 Pounds of Weed Per Light

How To Grow 3 Pounds of Weed Per Light

Josh has been a grower for over 15 years and has become one of the most well-known cannabis cultivators around because of his unique growing methods and his massive yields. In Josh’s grows, he is p...

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ListenThe First International Hemp Marketplace

The First International Hemp Marketplace

For Adrian Zelski, cannabis is a spiritual guide. It has helped him overcome alcoholism, excel as the front man of a successful band and land a successful career in the emerging hemp industry. Adri...

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Jordan Terpx cannabis extraction

ListenHow to Master Cannabis Extraction

How to Master Cannabis Extraction

TerpX is an award-winning cannabis brand specializing in high quality extractions. TerpX’s products include butane hash oil concentrates, distilled hash oil, pre-filled disposable vaporizer pens, a...

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