In 2010, Sean moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work with a successful entrepreneur and learn the hacks of the business world. He and his friend then launched an online fitness program that “failed miserably.”

The rebound from his first business was Nectar, an affordable, stylish lifestyle and specialty sunglasses brand. As Sean said, “I just remember being in the shower and my dad had called me and was like, ‘What are you doing down there?’ I was like, ‘I got an idea. It’s for sunglasses.’ And I just remember being in the shower looking down, just staring and thinking, ‘This better fucking work.’ I was broke and really had failed in my mind. And I’m competitive enough to want to redeem myself full throttle.”

The inspiration for the line was based on the surfing, skating, snowboarding and all things “outside lifestyle.” The goal was to create a product that he was passionate about and could really get behind. As he describes it, “With Nectar, we promote the sweet life: go do what you love. And that’s why we offer a low price point, so people can not be afraid to wear their glasses to the beach or to the river. And they should be an asset to your adventure and your outfit, and not a burden.”

After killing it for three years, but observing the competition in the sunglasses market, Sean said,  “we were looking for new channels to reach out and grow out products.” He got in touch with a local celebrity glass blower in Virginia who inspired them to make a line of glasses for glass blowers. As they expanded their specialty line, Sean saw the cannabis industry expanding and knew he wanted to be involved. He also identified a gap in the market for glasses for growers. “We wanted to find a price point that made sense for people who got sticky fingers half the time..these things might get destroyed over the course of a year.”

About a month ago, after many prototypes, testing Nectar launched their real edition HPS version glasses for high pressure sodium lighting. This was shortly followed by their LED version with the wrapped frame, designed to block as much of the light as possible.

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