Natural Remedies Dispensary Denver

In 2009, Natural Remedies became one of Denver’s first 20 medicinal cannabis dispensaries, proudly owned by a Denver native and operated with the help of his family. Not long after, in April of 2014, Natural Remedies entered the recreational marijuana market. Natty Rems, as it has since been coined, has been located in the LoDo neighborhood of downtown Denver for 5 exciting years. Natural Remedies cultivates 100% of all marijuana flower it provides by hand. The magic takes place in one of two warehouses that total over 30,000 square feet. In addition, Natural Remedies has boasted its own in-house concentrate line called Concentrate Remedies (CRx) since mid 2015.

Natural Remedies strives to provide the most sought-after and boutique grade cannabis products, utilizing only the highest quality genetics, ingredients and care. Natural Remedies has been fortunate enough to win several awards starting in 2012 when it entered it’s first High Times Medicinal Cannabis Cup.  There, Natty Rems took home a silver medal in the Sativa category for it’s medicinal patient favorite, Red Headed Stranger #14. Since then Natural Remedies has experienced tremendous success and has earned various awards to show for it.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip rolls it up with Jeff, lead cultivator at Natural Remedies Dispensary in Denver, Colorado. Jeff is a seasoned grower, with years of experience under his belt. Listen in as Jeff and Chip talk growing weed in Colorado, their favorite strains to grow and smoke and the present and future of weed.