When Heavy 16 founder, Bryce Patterson was five years old, he started thinking about making his own nutrients. His dad was an “amateur horticulturalist” with a rose garden, hanging baskets and a pristine lawn. As a kid, Bryce’s dad used to take him to a boutique garden center to buy specialty fertilizers.

Fast forward a couple of decades. Bryce went to college for horticulture, worked in nurseries, continued growing “everything,” tested different fertilizers, elements and dosages. He still wasn’t satisfied with the nutrients and fertilizers on the market. As he said, “…I knew I could do better. I had my mentors, my science approach to actual plant health and doing it the right way. And that’s how it all kind of began with Heavy 16.”

Almost eight years later, Heavy 16 nutrients is a national industry leader and a staple in most commercial cannabis grow operations. They’ve developed a full line of premier boutique nutrients and they’re known for having the best professional-grade liquid fertilizers on the market. Bryce describes Heavy 16 as “all the best Dutch-style, mixed wit the best American soil science.” Unlike a lot of other product lines, Heavy 16 provides diversity of food to the plant. As Bryce said, when it comes to foliar spraying “it’s all about getting as much nutrition into the plant that you can…” In other words, if you’re spraying your crop with Heavy 16, you can get all the benefits with one pass of the sprayer – a complete series of nutrients and micro nutrients. Get the Heavy 16 recipes and feed cards here.

Listen in as Chip, Bryce and James discuss the “bro-science” and misinformation surrounding the applied science and technology side of the cannabis industry; what it’s really like to own and operate a mega nutrient brand and the future of cannabis nutrients.

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