Josh Haupt’s story is one of humor, hard work and humility. When he was 22, he had an epileptic seizure and his six medically licensed marijuana plants were confiscated by the police. The following Monday morning, he received a dreaded phone call from the DA. She left a voicemail saying he should pick up his plants so they don’t die. When he went to the station, he watched as a trail of cops helped him carry his cannabis plants to his truck. Today, Josh is growing 6,000 plants. He authored the book Three A Light, started Success Nutrients. Josh has been a grower for over 15 years and has become one of the most well-known cannabis cultivators around because of his unique growing methods and his massive yields.

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This podcast is brought to you by Cutting Edge Solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John, the founder of Cutting Edge Solutions for over 25 years. He’s an expert horticulturalist and a great guy all around. I truly stand behind his products as a grower and as a wholesaler and retailer.  As a grower, you know when a nutrient line has been developed from extensive research at real farms throughout Northern California.

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Show Notes

  • Josh describes why he is first and foremost a family man and where he came from (02:00)
  • Of his six entrepreneurial endeavors, one of Josh’s services is consulting big investors on where to put their money to make the biggest return (02:50)
  • Josh describes the process for authoring the book, “Three a Light,” which tells growers how to achieve three pounds per light (03:00)
  • Chip asks Josh about his commercial grow experience, where he came from, how he got into it (04:07)
  • Josh discusses his two grow facilities in Denver and Aurora that cumulatively produce 1100 pounds of cannabis per month (04:50)
  • Josh describes his successful plan for wholesale commercial growing and how he started to grow “shit tons of weed.” (07:30)
  • Josh tells you why he thinks the world needs more weed (08:02)
  • Why Josh always focuses on quality and wants to be the “grey goose” of weed (08:52)
  • What Josh and Chip mean by the “white collar” or “pink shirt people” (10:00)
  • Chip identifies the biggest problem with the private cannabis industry in the past (11:12)
  • Why the consistency of canopy size in Josh’s grow is the deal breaker (12:52)
  • What Chip thinks are the top most frequent mistakes people make in their grow rooms (14:13)
  • How Josh yield 100 grams of boutique cannabis per square foot in his grow (15:23)
  • Josh challenges listeners to the “Burkle” strain challenge (16:48)
  • The method for figuring out how to know what strains will grow best using Josh’s method (17:19)
  • Why weed isn’t all about the THC level according to Chip & Josh (20:00)
  • Why Josh thinks reinvesting cannabis tax revenue into the community is so crucial (22:04)
  • Chip tells you what his favorite strain of all time is and why (23:39)
  • Josh tells you about why and how he started Success Nutrients and why his formula guarantees quality and quantity (24:27)
  • The origins of the Chem Dawg strain (30:00)
  • For the first time publicly, Josh announces the development of his new growing app that will change the lives of home growers forever (32:43)
  • Josh reveals his growing efficiencies, tips, tactics and methodologies that he has brought to the industry (36:37)
  • Josh discusses the “circle of life” growing tactic and invites you to take a tour of his facility where he’ll walk you through every single cycle of their growth (41:32)
  • Chip & Josh dissect the “linguistic culture” that has emerged within the cannabis industry (45:39)
  • Josh reveals the top three problems he encountered when building his company over the past 18 months (48:16)
  • The bottom line about what makes this all worthwhile for Josh is not actually the bottom line at all (52:36)
  • The best weed story of all time – Josh tells you how he watched police officers carefully return his plants to him after nearly being arrested (53:35