Casey Darlow

Head Grower – Northern Lights Cannabis Company

Casey is the head grower for Northern Lights Cannabis Company, with stores in Edgewater and Denver. He began commercially producing Cannabis in 2010 with Alameda Wellness and now owns a cannabis consulting business, Darlow Consulting, LLC. Casey’s lifelong goal is to learn as much as possible in everything he does.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip Baker rolls one up with Casey Darlow, a Master Grower for Northern Lights Dispensary in Denver, Colorado. Listen in as Casey discusses working in the legal cannabis market, the day to day of what being a Master Grower means, his favorite weed to grow, and how to work in the industry. You might also walk away some new recommendations for new podcasts to add to your play list! Fire it up and get down to the real dirt with Chip and Casey.