Humboldt Green Week┬áis a manifestation of culture advancing the ideals of our community while building bridges, honoring the environment, supporting the local economy, and promoting music, art, and solutions through action.”

A celebration of all things green, Green Week encompasses earth day and 4/20 in an all-encompassing 10-day 420 festival. While the changing laws in California have brought Cannifest to a halt, Green Week is still going strong as it strives to bring the community together.

From April 13th to the 22nd, people from all over California come together in Humboldt county to share their knowledge, meet new people, and show support for a green, clean environment. Farmer’s markets, yoga and clean cooking classes are just a few of the events that will fill the week out.

While the week is full of fun events and activities, these 420 festival goers are also committed to keeping the environment clean. The week consists of multiple volunteer clean-up events around the county, as well as workshops for cooking with cannabis and other natural herbs and their use as medicine. Let’s also not forget about the Vines by the Sea beer and wine event at the end of the week!

Tune into this week’s episode of The Real Dirt Podcast with Steve Geider to hear all the details about the Green Week 420 festival.