Steve Gieder

Founder, Northcoast Horticulture Supply

Steve Gieder studied Horticulture at Williamson Trade School. He is the founder and owner of Northcoast Horticulture Supply, established in 2002, with currently four locations and ecommerce, which represents two percent of the national gardening retail market. Steve is also the Founder of Humboldt Wholesale, a nationwide distributor of garden products which shaped the digital ballast market and introduced the US to House & Garden nutrient line, which became the leading cannabis cultivator’s #1 choice. Steve also devised application rates for agricultural cannabis production and purchased House and Garden Van de Swann nutrient company. Steve is also co-founder of Humboldt Green, a consulting company with an emphasis on building bridges between government, business, and community. The Humboldt Green team develops client solutions for planning, design, permitting, compliance, marketing, and branding with a commitment to sustainability.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip hangs out with Steve Gieder, an old friend and expert in the industry from Northern California. Steve is the founder of Northcoast Horticulture Supply, Humboldt Wholesale and a long list of other pro cannabis organizations, dispensaries, consulting business, and community building associations. What makes Steve so unique besides his amazing business ventures, is that he is also a political/social activist and has worked hard to build up his community in California. Steve is a true enthusiast cannabis entrepreneur!  Fire it up with Chip and Steve as they talk about the journey Steve has been on, the cannabis business in California, and the political activism it takes to make change in our system.