How to Run an Organic Cannabis Farm

How to Run an Organic Cannabis Farm


Little Hill Cultivators – Cannabis Farm

Little Hill Cultivators is an award winning organic cannabis farm located in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Little Hill Cultivators specializes in light dep greenhouse flowers utilizing the sun for both full spectrum plant growth and powering fans reducing their carbon footprint. The strains they are known for include many OG Kush hybrids and selections from CSI: Humboldt and Archive Seed Bank.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip sits down with Jefe from Little Hill Cultivators to discuss all things cannabis cultivation in the state of California. Jefe is a master cultivator, winner of multiple cannabis cups around the state of California, and his green houses are solar powered! Fire it up with Chip and Jeff, as they discuss growing cannabis and much more.

A Day in the Life of a Head Grower

A Day in the Life of a Head Grower

Casey Darlow

Head Grower – Northern Lights Cannabis Company

Casey is the head grower for Northern Lights Cannabis Company, with stores in Edgewater and Denver. He began commercially producing Cannabis in 2010 with Alameda Wellness and now owns a cannabis consulting business, Darlow Consulting, LLC. Casey’s lifelong goal is to learn as much as possible in everything he does.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip Baker rolls one up with Casey Darlow, a Master Grower for Northern Lights Dispensary in Denver, Colorado. Listen in as Casey discusses working in the legal cannabis market, the day to day of what being a Master Grower means, his favorite weed to grow, and how to work in the industry. You might also walk away some new recommendations for new podcasts to add to your play list! Fire it up and get down to the real dirt with Chip and Casey.

How to Create Effective Cannabis Policies

How to Create Effective Cannabis Policies

Jordan Wellington

Director of Compliance, Vicente Sederberg LLC

Jordan Wellington, Esq., Director of Compliance at Vicente Sederberg LLC, graduated cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in May of 2009. Jordan served as the sole legislative staffer assigned to shepherd the legislation implementing Amendment 64 and the legalization of cannabis through the Colorado General Assembly. He then was hired by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division to serve as the sole policy analyst and tasked with organizing the Division’s entire stakeholder engagement process and personally drafting most of the regulations governing retail and medical marijuana in Colorado.

Since joining Vicente Sederberg, Jordan has advised policy makers and regulators from across the globe on the responsible regulation of cannabis; including California, Spain, Minnesota, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Denmark, Germany, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Columbia, Alaska, and France. In addition to his policy policy work, Jordan also created and now oversee’s Vicente Sederberg’s Compliance Department. The Department’s team of dedicated staff advise clients across the country on complying with the complex web of technical, operational, tracking, and record keeping requirements mandated by states and local governments. In managing the Department’s continuing evolution, Jordan is a Founder and serves as the Director of Compliance for Simplifya, a new company that provides a compliance software solution to cannabis businesses, cannabis compliance companies, and government regulators.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip Baker talks with Jordan Wellington an associate at Vicente Sederberg LLC in Denver Colorado. Jordan’s primary focus at Vicente Sederberg LLC is on regulatory compliance and government affairs. Jordan basically spends his time teaching cannabis businesses how to operate under compliance, and teaching policymakers all over the world how to regulate cannabis in a responsible way. Jordan also serves on the Marijuana Research Advisory Group, which was convened by the Colorado School of Public Health at University of Colorado Denver, and Advisory Board on Good Marijuana Cultivation and Handling Practices, convened by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Roll one up and listen in as Jordan and Chip talk about policy, politics, and the industry path into the future.

How to Operate a Successful Rural Grow

How to Operate a Successful Rural Grow

Stacy Johnson

Founder – Harvest House

Stacy Johnson is the founder and owner of Harvest House in Nederland, CO. Harvest House is known as the only locally grown, locally owned and locally operated cannabis dispensary in Nederland. It has an exquisite collection of bud and is known all over the state for being one of the most unique and expert grow facilities around.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip talks with Stacy Johnson, founder and owner of Harvest House Dispensary in Nederland, Colorado. Stacy is a 20-year resident of Nederland. Harvest House is Nederland’s only locally grown and locally operated dispensary. Harvest House offers a wide range of high quality weed strains, edibles, topicals, and concentrates, all of them are high quality and grown with tender, love and care. Stacy is a passionate cultivator and connoisseur of cannabis. Fire it up and listen in as Stacy and Chip discuss the road to legal cannabis business in Colorado.

Behind the Scenes of Archive Seed Bank

Behind the Scenes of Archive Seed Bank

Fletcher Watson

Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank was founded by “ThaDocta”, an established breeder and ever active online community member. The Archive was ThaDocta’s effort to establish heirloom strains of land-race cannabis plants and seed-lines with verified-original genetics. These strains were originally distributed through a private network of chosen friends, breeders and growers who were trusted to keep alive his tradition of genetic preservation and to preserve these historic lines. After spending a decade growing marijuana and performing clone-only comparative analysis to provide verification of genetic authenticity ThaDocta has opened up the Archive to growers around the world and SeedSupreme Seed Bank can now offer regular cannabis seeds from a selection of his strains.

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip Baker blazes with Fletcher Watson from Archive Seed Bank and Dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Fletcher is first and foremost a cannabis grower extraordinaire, but he is deeply passionate about preserving heritage cannabis genetics, which led him to create Archive Seed Bank. Listen in as Chip and Fletcher discuss the road to Archive Seeds and Dispensary, and all things weed! Light one up and get dirty with The Real Dirt.

From Chef to Humboldt Grower

From Chef to Humboldt Grower

Brian Barfield

Humboldt Integrated Cannabis

Brian Barfield is a long time friend and colleague of Chip Baker. Brian was a professional chef for 25 years before getting into the cannabis industry at Humboldt Integrated Cannabis.

Chip Baker lights one up with Brian Barfield who is recently transitioning from the culinary world as a chef to the cannabis industry as the man at Humboldt Integrated Cannabis. Listen to his story about how he successfully integrated into the new booming cannabis industry in Northern California.

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