Oregon Cannabis Overload

Oregon Cannabis Overload

Oregon is facing an issue that a lot of people never though would rise in our time. They have too much cannabis.

There is currently over a million pounds of unsold Oregon cannabis sitting idle. Just for fun, that million pounds breaks into over 120 million eighths, or over double the amount of Oregon cannabis consumed in 2017. With the overflow of product and lack of demand, prices are noticeably dropping.

All supply, not so much demand

The average cost of a gram in Oregon has dropped to just $4, compared to another legal state such as Colorado, where the cheapest gram averages around $10. While Colorado has been experimenting with legal cannabis since commercial sales starting in 2014, legal Oregon cannabis is still new, only taking effect in 2015.

While it was slow to pick up at first with just 99 licensed recreational dispensaries at the end of 2016, new regulations propelled the industry through 2017, seeing that number rise to over 260.

The best Oregon cannabis

With so many stores opening so fast, competition is fierce. Breeders and retail stores have to compete with dozens of other businesses in their area, and it has quickly become a race to the bottom.

While more people try to get involved in the Oregon cannabis industry, those already with their hands in the pie are beginning to wonder if they should take them out. Coupled with the inevitability of big business coming into the industry with investor backing, those already involved either have to beat out the competition to stay in business, or bail.

It’s too soon to say what might happen with the Oregon cannabis industry. After all, it’s young, and Colorado went through a similar stage in its legalization infancy in which the bad business models were quickly filtered out.

While for the consumer it might seem like a great time to move to Oregon for super-cheap cannabis, there’s no way to know how long the low prices will last, and if the quality will still be maintained with the inflation. For now, we can just watch and see who the top Oregon cannabis producers are as they compete to stay alive.

Hear first hand what one of the top breeders in Oregon is facing on The Real Dirt Podcast. Fletcher Watson works at Archive Seed Bank and Archive Portland, and he shares his experience in the Oregon cannabis industry.

The Resilience of John Newmerzhycky

The Resilience of John Newmerzhycky

What started as a questionable traffic stop turned into lengthy legal battle about forfeiture.


John Newmerzhycky was travelling through Iowa with his friend William Davis after playing some poker at a casino when they were pulled over by a member of the Iowa state police interdiction team. With reports concerning a red vehicle, the police officer followed John and William for ten minutes before pulling them over for failing to signal when passing another car.


After being pulled aside and questioned by the officer, John began to show signs of breathing rapidly and fidgeting, which increased the officer’s suspicion. After telling John he was free to go with a warning, the officer asked if there were any drugs in the car.

Without a direct response, the officer called in a K-9 unit.

John and William told the officers there were no drugs or currency in the car. This would turn out to be untrue when the officers found Davis’ $85,000 packed inside a locked briefcase. The police also found a grinder and a very small amount of cannabis, but enough to charge John with a misdemeanor. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Police Overreach

The state of Iowa confiscated the duo’s money and called California authorities where the men are originally from, leading to both of their houses being searched. Despite both John and William having medical marijuana cards, the searches led to felony charges in California.

Jump to today, and every charge has been dropped, and the original sum of money confiscated has been returned.

There was more of a reward for John and William than just money however. The case of these two men resulted in a stringent analysis of the forfeiture tactics used by Iowa police, and the eventual disbandment of the interdiction team that originally confiscated the money.

A bigger problem than John

The counter lawsuit from John and William led the state to find that Iowa police more often than not (86% of the time) pulled over drivers with out-of-state tags, showing a clear bias on behalf of the department. The two are also expected to receive additional compensation for lawyer fees, plus damages.

This case represents a national trend, and an overarching problem where authoritative figures use their power to confiscate private property with no justification. This places the burden of proof on the defendant to get their own property back. John came out on top of his case, while many other are still stuck in the courts fighting for what is theirs.

Hear John’s full story when he sits down with Chip on The Real Dirt Podcast!

YouTube Goes After Cannabis Accounts

YouTube Goes After Cannabis Accounts

YouTube is cutting cannabis content. But you can still learn how to build bombs, so don’t worry.


It doesn’t make any sense, yet it isn’t all that surprising. YouTube has been taking down popular cannabis accounts over the past couple weeks with no explanation whatsoever. Some accounts had millions of subscribers, and were still taken down without any notice.

YouTube’s responsibility

You may not be a big YouTube watcher, but millions of people are. Add to that the billions of views that the platform’s videos get on a daily basis, and you get a massive online community with varying opinions, ideologies and the chaos that comes along with it.

Social platforms haven’t been known to manage their communities in the best way — just look at Twitter or FaceBook — but YouTube has taken it to a new level.


Cannabis content creators have faced their share of issues in the past, but mostly with resolve. A video would be taken down, they would appeal, and it would later be put back up. If it made it to the extreme of an entire channel being taken down, even then it could be appealed rather easily.

YouTube supposedly runs on a “strike” system, consisting of three strikes for channels. The first strike bans the channel from live-streaming for 90 days, the second prohibits the channel from posting content, and the third strike is channel removal. Yet, for these accounts that have been removed as of late, there were no strikes.

YouTube’s Failure

The issue with this is two-fold. Many people rely on YouTube cannabis channels for information, news updates, and other cannabis related issues they can’t find elsewhere due to its already negative stigma. With these channels removed, people are losing valuable information which can have dangerous consequences.

We all know how the D.A.R.E. program worked out. It is better to teach about safe and controlled, legal drug use than to hide the facts about them and tell them to “just say no”.

The second problem comes when YouTube has taken these channels down with no strikes, no warnings, and no explanation. This sets a dangerous precedent when a global giant like YouTube can pick and choose what content it allows without explaining its reasoning.

While YouTube has every right to restrict certain content (as they should), it makes no sense that the most popular cannabis content creators on YouTube who have built massive, overwhelmingly positive and vibrant communities would be removed while channels showing how to make pipe bombs stay active.

The Future of YouTube

It would actually almost make sense if YouTube’s reasoning was that of safety concerns. I get it, some of those YouTubers take some huge dabs that would knock out a normal person. So take down all the videos of people chugging bottles of whiskey too, because that’s way more dangerous.

Maybe their explanation will be that it isn’t federally legal, so take down the other accounts that inform people on the safe use of LSD, or DMT or Psilocybin. Oh wait, but they didn’t.

So as we wait to hear which accounts might be un-banned and why they were banned in the first place, we should all be wondering what this means. If YouTube can take down content without any explanation and there is no backlash, it will only continue. The channels that don’t YouTube enough money might be next, then the channels that have an opinion they disagree with.

People need these cannabis YouTube channels. They inform, teach, enlighten, inspire, and connect the cannabis community through an online platform that was built on creativity and innovation. Don’t let YouTube start going backward.

The Real Dirt on Cannabis Strains

The Real Dirt on Cannabis Strains

It is a highly debated fact whether or not music can help cannabis strains’ growth.


It is undeniable, whether it’s classical, hip hop or death metal, certain strains just like certain music. Maybe it’s just their personalities, the result of flowering teen angst, or some unique terpene profiles. Either way, these strains like to jam out to their favorite tunes.

Check out some of the cannabis strains we have extensively researched to discover their unique musical tastes. Maybe you’ll be as surprised as us with some of them.

Blue Dream

Somewhere over the Rainbow by Iz Kamakawiwoʻole

We suspect the song helps to promote Blue Dream’s uplifting and light-headed effects that Iz was definitely feeling when he wrote this song. Bluebirds, dreams, flying…The song might as well be called Blue Dream.

This sativa hybrid will have you up and about on 420 while you drift somewhere over the rainbow.


OG Kush

O.G. by Ice T

There’s imitators and then there’s the OGs. The original gangsters that made their own unique sound that ended up paying out big. OG Kush is a classic strain that will never be outdone, only imitated. You can usually see most of the OG varietals bumping in the back corner of the room while they talk about how strains were way better “back in the day”.

While it may be hard to find true OG Kush these days, at least we have its favorite jam to connect us.


The Fiddlestix Dosido

It’s rare that a strain loves a song so much it actually requests to be named after it. Do-Si-Dos is the exception. You can taste the sense of irony in this strain, as you most certainly won’t be up dancing all about after a joint of this stuff. Just Do-Si-Don’t hurt yourself if you try (it’s 420, we’re all a little spacey).

Ironically this strain will most likely lock you into the couch instead of get you up dancing, but you can dance in your head while your nugs dance to the Fiddlestix on your table. Yes, you’re starting to trip a little.

Sour Diesel

Semi-charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Sour Diesel has always lived a semi-charmed kind of life. It burst onto the scene in the 90s and quickly became a favorite, which led to its hybridization and cross-breeding. After a consultation with the band, Third Eye Blind agreed to be the sole music provider for Sour Diesel. So even though it has gotten split up into god knows how many hybrids, it’s still living the good life. Though it might be regretting signing Third Eye Blind right now.

This gassy bud will help you see the greener side of things, and you’ll start see the charm in the song. Just prepare to have it stuck in your head for the next week.


Bad and Boujee by Migos

There’s something about mentioning the strain’s name repeatedly that helps build rapport and plant confidence. Blasting Bad and Boujee at full volume for at least 3 hours a day has shown to make Cookie strains much more resinous, as well as arrogant and flashy.

It’s been through plenty of controversy, from lawsuits with the Girl Scouts to shooting it out with competitors, but Cookies ain’t no strain to f*** with.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix

Purple haze was one of those cannabis strains lost in the world. Unknown, unpopular, and songless. That is until Jimmy Hendrix gave it a puff. The two then entered into a mutual business agreement where Jimmy would promote the strain through his music, and Purple Haze would listen exclusively to Jimmy Hendrix. Their relationship had its ups and downs, and the strain officially settled on Purple Haze after Hendrix’s death. 

While you’re sitting back as the purple smoke billows up and hazes, you may notice yourself kissing the sky. In fact, you’re body is unconsciously gasping for air because you’ve been in the hotbox too long. TAKE A BREAK!


Happy 4/20 from The Real Dirt Podcast! We hope you liked our take on some of cannabis’ favorite songs, but we’d love to hear you’re strain’s favorite tune! Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook @therealdirtpodcast!


420 Blaze it! What to do in Denver for 4/20

420 Blaze it! What to do in Denver for 4/20

420 Blaze it! Right?


April 20th has a special place in the hearts of cannabis lovers everywhere, and for good reason. It’s a celebration of all things cannabis, good and bad. We have come a long way from the prohibition days, and over half the states in the U.S. have legalized or decriminalized cannabis in some form.

While for some, “420 Blaze it” will be the chant they yell at 4:20 on 4/20, others aren’t so gung-ho on expressing their love for cannabis to the world, but rather just enjoying the day with some festivities. When it comes to finding something to do on 4/20 other than just blaze, The Real Dirt has your back.

Check out our recommended 4/20 events in Denver for 2018. You might not be able to go to them all, but a couple of these events will add some much needed activities to your smoke-filled day so you aren’t left on the couch in a hazy state of FOMO.

420 on the Block

Probably the most well-known (and most hyped) event going on for the 4/20 weekend is 420 on the Block.

The music festival and cannabis celebration goes from Friday the 20th to Sunday the 22nd, with three days packed full of events and activities for the community to enjoy. Featuring Action Bronson, Matisyahu, Washed Out and more live artists, the event boasts some of the biggest 4/20 names.

If you are willing to shell out some bucks (only ~$60 for all 3 days, or $25 for one day), you can get the full Denver 420 blaze it experience with awesome live music, plenty of vendors and giveaways, and one of the largest coming togethers of the cannabis community in Denver.

Mile High 420 Festival

If you’re looking to save your money for the important things (like more quality ganja), check out the Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park in Denver.

Featuring Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and a bunch of local acts, the festival is free for everyone with plenty of stuff to do. Boasting itself as the largest, free 420 festival on Earth, the festival takes up the full Civic Center Park with vendors, arts and crafts and more.

The event runs from 10AM to 7PM on 4/20, so you can stop by at the beginning or swing through toward the end without having to worry about a ticket.


World Cannabis Week

While not an actual week-long event, World Cannabis Week goes from 4/20-4/22. The event takes place at the Fox Street Compound in Denver’s RiNo district.

Starting with a 420 Bazaar featuring a plethora of cannabis brands and products in an open marketplace and ending on Sunday with a 420 on the Block Tailgate, the three-day event has something for everyone. The event also includes a 420 Challenge where cannabis lovers can compete in axe throwing, nug tossing, and more.

Plus, other than 420 on the Block, it’s all free!



420 Eve on the Rocks

If you’re looking for something outside the city but still 420 friendly, check out the 420 Eve on the Rocks at Red Rocks. Featuring 311, Method Man & Redman, Collie Budz and more, the night is full of cannabis inspired music.

While the concert takes place on 4/19 so it’s not the full 4/20 experience, the concert will most likely go past midnight, after which time everybody at the Rocks will most likely start celebrating simultaneously, as if they hadn’t been celebrating during the whole show.

420 blaze it with some of the most well-known cannabis-enthusiastic artists on 4/19 at Red Rocks, ticket prices start at $55.

If you’re not into the huge public gatherings where the majority of cannabis tourists will be spending their time, look around your local area. Plenty of dispensaries are hosting their own events on 4/20 through the weekend.

Multiple vendor pop-ups, food trucks, and a lot of the same activities that will be at the Mile High 420 Festival and 420 on the Block will also be around the city at various dispensary locations. Maybe your favorite dispensary is featuring a prominent glass-blower or concentrate brand.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with staying at home and have a nice smoke sesh with friends, or skipping 4/20 entirely. However, if you’ve made it this far in this article and your not celebrating 420, you’re definitely in the wrong place, and you should smoke about it.

Happy 4/20 from The Real Dirt Podcast! We hope you all have a safe and lifted holiday.

Green Week 2018: the community 420 fest

Green Week 2018: the community 420 fest

From April 13-22, 2018, Humboldt Green Week brings people from all over to celebrate nature, cannabis, and community.

Humboldt Green Week is a manifestation of culture advancing the ideals of our community while building bridges, honoring the environment, supporting the local economy, and promoting music, art, and solutions through action.  The events showcase a week of gatherings to celebrate Earth Day and this special place we call home.

While the real 420 fest known as Cannifest has been delayed due to new laws, Green Week will still celebrate all things green.

A Different 420 Fest

Humboldt Green Week can’t really be compared to other 420 fest events like the Cannabis Cup, Dope Cup, and the like. While these other events focus solely on cannabis, Green Week merely includes it as an aspect of nature. While people appreciate their cannabis during the week long event, they will also learn about the environment, sustainability and community stewardship.

The week is full of different classes and activities for people to participate in, from cannabis yoga to cooking classes, concerts and farmer’s markets.

A week for everybody

Organizer of Green Week and the 420 fest Cannifest Steve Geider talked with Chip about what the week is about:

Everything from bee keeping workshops to healthy eating workshops to music workshops for kids, families to interact. We showed some folks how to do their own compost at home and a number of other different things, or medicinal teas. All types of things that are just part of our community, part of our subculture if you want to call it that. That are also just the part of the way we like to see the world change.”

Green Week has events for everybody including children, making it a family friendly event that can get everybody in the community involved and more conscious of the environment.

Steve is also the founder of North Coast Horticulture Supply and Humboldt Wholesale, making him a well-known and respected member of the community.

Green Week 2018

This year’s Green Week boasts a plethora of different events and activities for locals and visitors to enjoy. Event-filled days start as early as 7 AM and some events go until 8 PM. While the events will be fun and educational, the main purpose of Green Week is to bring the community together.

With or without a full-blown 420 fest, Green Week’s focus is on the community and the environment. With one of the largest farming populations in the country, Humboldt boasts a community that is very connected to nature. When they all come together and share their ideas, sustainability practices and new innovations with each other, everybody wins.

While the event takes place in California, Cannifest may soon be hitting the road and going national! We could soon see a Cannifest in Denver.

Listen to Steve talk about Green Week and the 420 fest Cannifest on this week’s episode of The Real Dirt Podcast.

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