The quality of cannabis has come a long way since seeds started spreading in the 70s.

While baby boomers smoked low THC strains and sinsemilla (or seedless cannabis) was hard to come by, the new generation of cannabis connoisseurs is growing and smoking craft cannabis strains with more potent effects and overall quality, and one must go out of their way to purchase seeds or clones .

Not your father’s ganja

The potency and overall quality of cannabis available to the everyday toker has definitely increased over the years, but not much has changed in terms of how cannabis is produced. Mainly, not much has changed from the cultivation side of cannabis since the introduction of hydroponics and indoor grow operations in the 70s.

In fact, some people now look for cannabis that is grown under much more classic, strict conditions that provide a more organic and overall better quality product, known as craft cannabis.

While a lot of cannabis sold in dispensaries comes from large scale or commercial grows that can produce hundreds or even thousands of pounds of cannabis, craft cannabis is usually grown on a smaller scale with much more attention to detail.

Craft cannabis

Compared to a large grow operation that produces cannabis en masse, craft cannabis is usually grown in small batches, with each individual plant in a batch getting close attention every step along the way, making it much less likely that a plant develops any sort of mold or disease that goes unseen in a large group of plants. Keep in mind a “small” batch can still be over fifty plants.

Think about craft beer; microbrews, and slow-brewed coffee. These are all considered “craft” due to their small batch production and high attention to detail, giving way to much better flavors, aromas, and overall quality. Craft cannabis is no different.

More bang for your buck

It may cost more than regular cannabis, especially to grow, because it is taken better care of in order to produce a top notch product, just like craft beer will always cost more than a domestic option. But the difference is self-evident, and you get what you pay for.

Craft cannabis will have much better flavor, aroma, smoothness of taste, among other superior qualities compared to its commercial counterpart. This makes craft cannabis a must-try for anybody looking for the best product available at a relatively affordable price for the cannabis connoisseur wanting to try something new and different.

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