How to grow three pounds of cannabis per light

Big yields are the dreams of every grower. Thanks to developments in the science and technology behind cannabis cultivation, growers are seeing yields previously unheard of.


One Colorado grower has developed a technique that promises to deliver three pounds of cannabis per light, an enormous yield by anyone’s standard when it comes to growing cannabis.

Josh Haupt is a long time cannabis cultivator and founder of both Pono Publishing and Success Nutrients. He has also recently been names the Chief Cultivation Officer of the well known Medicine Man Technologies. Josh and Pono publishing have released book, Three A Light, which outlines his system for getting the most out of your cannabis plants.

Three Pounds a Light

Pono Publishing first released Three A Light in November 2015. By the end of 2016, the year’s sales topped $362,000. The book details Josh’s personal system which has brought amazing results to the string of successful Medicine Man cultivation facilities, owned and operated by the Haupt family.

Josh’s Three A Light book is an investment coming in at $500, however it is one of the few complete seed-to-flower guides that teaches you how to maximize yields when growing cannabis, based on techniques actively being used by one of the largest cannabis producers in the state of Colorado.

Not just about lights

Josh spent two years writing his book, painstakingly documenting every step from how to care for your seedlings, to proper cloning, transplanting and more. To achieve the best success with Josh’s system, it is designed to be used with a special formulation of cannabis nutrients manufactured by Success Nutrients. Success Nutrients formulation was designed by Josh with the help of an organic chemist, and is specifically designed to work with his Three A Light system.

Everyone has their own way of spacing out their trays, however, with Josh’s system, he believes everyone can get three pounds per light from just three plants. His system involves the use of schwazzing, or advanced defoliation techniques. Defoliation allows additional light to penetrate the canopy and saturate the lower branches of the cannabis plant, which ultimately leads to bigger flowers. Josh emphasizes that by stripping away additional fan leaves, you mustĀ supplement micro-nutrients to make up for the loss of the cannabis leaves, which he calls sugar factories.

Essential Nutrients

This is where Josh’s special formulation from Success Nutrients comes in. The special blend of nutrients is designed to replace the micronutrients the cannabis plant would have otherwise received from its stripped fan leaves.

While many growers tend to employ the sea of green method when growing cannabis, which crams plants together, the Three A Light method utilizes space between plants to ensure full light saturation. Using this method, Josh has been able to push yields to over four pounds of cannabis per light on the high end.

Pushing the Limits of Growing Cannabis

The secret to achieving three pounds of cannabis per light is sticking with the system. Josh’s techniques cover a wide variety of topics within cannabis cultivation, but to really get the most out of your plants, you can’t cherry pick the sections you want to follow. To get the results Josh does, he advises you to follow the system from start to finish.

Josh isn’t stopping at three pounds per light. He is continually refining his technique in hopes of pushing his cannabis plants to the limit, but what that limit is, even he doesn’t know. He’s shooting for six pounds per light, which in and of itself, would be a huge step forward for cannabis growers everywhere. Find out more about Josh and his Three A Light technique at https://www.threealight.com/.