Growing research into the many benefits of cannabis leads to new discoveries every day. One such discovery comes in the form of CBD and its ability to become part of a daily health regimen.

Cannabis is made of over 80 different chemical compounds, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol being the most well-known. As the industry has grown both recreationally and medicinally, more and more compounds are being explored for their potential uses. One such compound that is gaining popularity throughout the industry and among cultivators is CBD, and CBD oil benefits among others.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, by definition, is a non-psychoactive medicinal compound in cannabis unlike THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in the plant. It has multiple newfound medical effects that can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle to help live a better, healthier life.

CBD Oil Benefits

The medical benefits from Cannabidiol are obtained through the extraction of oils from the cannabis plant, as well as consumed in high CBD content cannabis flower. The benefits of CBD oil are palpable, and its use as medicine is becoming more realistic. The most well-studied medicinal benefit is in the aiding of epilepsy patients who suffer from severe seizures.

Legal in most states, CBD can be purchased online or from licensed distributors, and it can become part of a daily diet with some research. Cannabidiol is rich in Omega 3 acids, which are essential in preventing heart disease. CBD oil benefits also include containing zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron, all minerals that can aid in bone strength, red blood cell generation, hormonal balancing and body PH. With the added benefits of amino acids, CBD is a great supplementary addition.

Finding the Right Supplement

CBD can be taken by mixing it in with food or as a pill much like a daily vitamin. Different types of CBD oils can be used as a lotion for dry skin and to help with inflammation or pain. High CBD content cannabis flower such as the popular strain, Charlotte’s Web, can be smoked or vaporized, as well as converted in CBD oil either to smoke or ingest orally.

Whether it’s in oil, flower, lotion, or food form, CBD provides numerous benefits that the body can utilize to build on top of a healthy daily regimen. With research building, and access growing, it is time to consider making Cannabidiol a part of your daily life.