If you walk into a dispensary or a smoke circle, you’re more than likely going to see or hear about CBD, and rightfully so.

This wondrous compound has gained a lot of attention recently, mainly for its aid in fighting seizures in children and adults, but its uses are broadening. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found largely in hemp, known for its excessively low THC levels. But it is also found in the everyday psychoactive cannabis you might find at a dispensary.

What is CBD?

The difference between the two types of CBD is mainly that of where it comes from. Not necessarily the genetic makeup of the cannabinoid. In order for hemp to be legal, it must have THC contents lower than .3%. Compared to the cannabis you might find in a store with THC levels surpassing 20%, one can see where the difference starts to show.

Hemp is known to have much higher levels of Cannabidiol compared to its sister plant, making it perfect for pure CBD products like cosmetics, creams, and medications like tinctures. Female cannabis is known for its potent THC, but it does not lack CBD altogether. While still much lower, almost all cannabis has this chemical in it in some quantity.

However, in today’s rising hemp industry, hemp is overwhelmingly supported for its CBD content over it’s sister plant.

The Entourage Effect

THC may potentially increase the effects of Cannabidiol when used in combination, leading many organizations to promote “full plant medicine”, which utilizes all of the different cannabinoids within cannabis to provide a full range of medicinal and psychotropic effects. However, the jury is still out on whether THC and CBD in combination provide a more complete medicinal effect compared to each cannabinoid on its own.

For those that want medicinal benefits without the high that comes with THC, Cannabidiol from hemp is the solution. The benefits of CBD are becoming more well known as access becomes easier, and most dispensaries will have products in stock.

Be careful when you search for CBD products, and if you can’t consume THC for any reason, ensure you’re CBD comes from hemp and not from female cannabis flower to avoid potentially higher THC levels.