Chip Baker

Chip Baker

Host / Cannabis Technology & Application Expert

On each episode, Chip Baker interviews premier cannabis pioneers from all areas of the industry (legal, growing, business, etc.) to extract the the wisdom, tools and tactics you can use to be successful. This includes how to navigate your way through cannabis laws, regulations, economy of scale, growing, innovations and things you wish you knew before you got into the industry.

Prior guests include Christian Sederberg, Justin Jones, Steve Gieder, Matt Bickel, Jordan Wellington, Andrew Livingston, Jordan Psigoda and more.

In addition to cross-promotional perks, guests enjoy the show because it’s a fun, candid way for them to share their entrepreneurial journey while getting stoned with Chip Baker. This means that there is full disclosure in all of the interviews.

Listeners enjoy the show because the cannabis industry might be the last legal place where anyone can get rich. Knowing how to get in and getting accurate information on how to be a successful cannabis entrepreneur is hard to find.

The Real Dirt with Chip Baker podcast provides accurate insider industry information from the nation’s premier cannabis businessmen who pioneered legalization. Their expertise, collective knowledge and decades of experience is exactly what budding entrepreneurs need to succeed in the booming cannabis industry.

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