Chip Baker

Chip Baker

Host / Cannabis Technology & Application Expert

On each episode, Chip Baker interviews premier cannabis pioneers from all areas of the industry (legal, growing, business, etc.) to extract the the wisdom, tools and tactics you can use to be successful. This includes how to navigate your way through cannabis laws, regulations, economy of scale, growing, innovations and things you wish you knew before you got into the industry.

Prior guests include Christian Sederberg, Justin Jones, Steve Gieder, Matt Bickel, Jordan Wellington, Andrew Livingston, Jordan Psigoda and more.

In addition to cross-promotional perks, guests enjoy the show because it’s a fun, candid way for them to share their entrepreneurial journey while getting stoned with Chip Baker. This means that there is full disclosure in all of the interviews.

Listeners enjoy the show because the cannabis industry might be the last legal place where anyone can get rich. Knowing how to get in and getting accurate information on how to be a successful cannabis entrepreneur is hard to find.

The Real Dirt with Chip Baker podcast provides accurate insider industry information from the nation’s premier cannabis businessmen who pioneered legalization. Their expertise, collective knowledge and decades of experience is exactly what budding entrepreneurs need to succeed in the booming cannabis industry.

Recent Podcasts

How To Grow 3 Pounds of Weed Per Light

Josh has been a grower for over 15 years and has become one of the most well-known cannabis cultivators around because of his unique growing methods and his massive yields. In Josh’s grows, he is producing a half pound per square foot, or 1,100 lbs a month on average, which comes out to 150 lbs every 2.5 days. At any given time, he’s growing anywhere from 40 to 60 strains. Josh wrote the grower’s bible, Three a Light as a step-by-step guide about how to yield at least three pounds per light. The Three a Light book is delivered with his line of Success Nutrients and a precise feeding schedule, so all bases are covered to support succees. It’s pretty rare to find a grower who really knows how to grow quantity and quality and Josh is the real deal. He also has a pretty amazing story about how he got to where he is today and the moral code that he applies to his life and business practices.

The First International Hemp Marketplace

For Adrian Zelski, cannabis is a spiritual guide. It has helped him overcome alcoholism, excel as the front man of a successful band and land a successful career in the emerging hemp industry. Adrian is probably most commonly known for being the front man for the Athens, Georgia based band, Dubconscious. But, in addition to being a talented musician and cannabis connoisseur, Adrian is the Director of Operations for the brand new International Hemp Exchange aka iHEMPx. iHEMPx is based in Boulder, Colorado and is kind of a big deal for many reasons. It’s one of the first online portals that connects buyers and sellers of all things hemp. Think Etsy or Ebay, but with hemp. IHEMPx has both a retail and wholesale component and is growing quickly in popularity and with the media. But many people don’t fully understand the difference between hemp and cannabis that gets you high. Find out if the hemp industry is as lucrative as you think it is and what the future of hemp has in store on this episode of The Real Dirt with Chip Baker.

How to Master Cannabis Extraction

TerpX is an award-winning cannabis brand specializing in high quality extractions. TerpX’s products include butane hash oil concentrates, distilled hash oil, pre-filled disposable vaporizer pens, and vaporizer pen cartridges. TerpX currently produces concentrates for over 100 medical/recreational dispensaries in Colorado, and more than a dozen medical dispensaries in Nevada.